Build Muscle Mass

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Fallout 4 smashes records

Fallout 4, best entertainment you’ll see this year? Fallout 4 breaks game selling records by selling 12 million, yes. 12 MILLION copies of the game on day ONE, equalling over $750 million dollars.

“We’re proud of our Game Director, Todd Howard, of BTS and his team” Comments BS Pres Andonov “providing game users with fun while they are challenged by this fascinating and beautifully crafted world.”

With over 12 million units of entertainment sold on Xbone, PS 4 and PC platforms.Digital sales at 1.2 million alone with 470,000 players wreaking havoc across the Fallout 4 world simultaneously on Steam while also making it #1 played game on Steam.

The Companion app has the #1 spot for g on iTunes and set the record for most participated launch for games of 2015-TwitchNot only that but the collectors version of the game all sold within a day of being announced, AND also became the fastest selling collectors edition in gaming history.

Even our own television host and comedian, Conan O’Brien or now known as “Vault Dweller Conan” in his Vault Dweller suit looking strikingly similar to the Pip-Boy himself is featuring Fallout 4 in his Clueless Gamer series.

Now I’m not one to praise a video game but you have to admit, Fallout 4 is the king video game entertainment right now, dominating so many charts and setting so many new records, Bethesda Softworks has to be proud of this jewel of a game they have created, hats off to you Bethesda, you sure know how to create a game and it was well worth the wait.
Sadly for you wives and girlfriends, if you aren’t participating in the game playing, your guy may not leave his man cave for quite some time. Nor will you hear from me,And don’t forget to get a vault dweller suit like Conan’s. I sure will be looking or creating one, preparing for the post apocalyptic world of course.

WWE Roman Reigns, Will He Reign At Last?

Recent news from the WWE suggests that Wrestlemania 32 will be John Cena vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Title. This is after the recent injury of Seth Rollins made every match card to be reshuffled. It definitely is a good look for the Samoan after his long ordeal of pain and anguish in trying to winn the title. I mean, the Road to Wrestlemania starts at Survivor Series for every wrestler, and I believe this will be his road to glory once and for all.

Born Leati Joseph Anoa’i, Roman Reigns is a professional wrestler signed to WWE. Call him The Powerhouse, The Big Dog, The Muscle or The Enforcer. To hell, you can call him whatever you want! The point is, Roman Reigns has become a household name, and is a force to reckon with – flying by his signature move and sometimes finisher, the Superman Punch, and also the Samoan drop and the Spear. For those who Watch Wrestling, they can attest to it that Roman Reigns has gone from being an up-and-coming young talented wrestler to a brand wrestler, with his face on most WWE Products and PPVs.

Since the dissolution of the Shield, Roman Reigns’ road to super stardom has been a rocky one. But despite bad encounters with Brock Lesnar, Big Show and Bray Wyatt all which were a pain in the a$$, watch wrestling, and you will agree that he has recently had a great run. Coming out of Hell in a Cell with a decisive and well-fought win over Bray Wyatt, with whom he has had a long feud. Followed by his performance on RAW the following night, where he defeated Kofi Kingston before becoming the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship in an amazing Fatal-Four-Way Match and now to hear that he’ll main event Wrestlemania 32? This is it. Believe That!

Concert Turns into Bloodbath in Paris

The night was vibrant in the beginning of 13th Friday. Concert goers packed Le Bataclan theatre where the American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, were set to perform. The French President, Francios Hollade, was also among the audience. No one expected the turn out of events that went down that night.

At around 10:40 pm, four gunmen stormed in amid the band’s performance. The terrorists are reported to have shouted that they were attacking in the name of Syria. They then sprayed bullets on the crowd and threw grenades too. The attackers wore black and did not have any masks. The concert goers then started fleeing the hall through emergency exists and any exit they could get. Video footage on social media reveals concert goers escaping through the windows. One woman in particular hangs on the window rails as gunshots are heard in the background.

The screams of the desperate civilians drowned the sounds of the shots being fired. The terrorists opened fire on the escapees leading to many people leaving the theatre with bullet wounds. The band members escaped through the back exit from the stage. The President had also left to watch a football match between France and Germany at Stade de France. According to a journalist present at the scene the attacks lasted ten minutes. Concert goers dragged out some of their friends who had been shot. There were at least 20 to 25 bodies in the alley outside the Bataclan theatre.

Police soon stormed the building. At the time of their arrival about one hundred people had been taken hostage at the theatre. These people were held hostage for hours before police over-powered the terrorists. The attackers wore explosives and once the authorities begun closing in on them, they committed suicide by blowing themselves up. Three of the attackers, suicide bombed themselves.

The journalist said that before he escaped the gunmen had managed to reload their weapons three to four times. The hostages send messages on social media pleading for help. It is reported that the attackers executed the hostages one by one before police took charge. Eighty nine people were murdered at the theatre and about two hundred people were injured while trying to escape. Rescue teams were overwhelmed by the number of injured people who required medical attention. The survivors are shocked and the horrors the night still vivid. France is in mourning and the Bataclan has since been sealed off by police.